Friday, 16 March 2018

Soup, Salad, Stirfry

This year I have really got into the swing of making soup twice a week, it's meant that I've had to try different combinations, which I still sometimes find difficult, but it's been great. 

curried vegetable and lentil

parsnip, leek and squash with some very nice croutons made from a cheap white sliced loaf. It's not all sourdough here. 

It hasn't all been soup either, we also had some v-pud, mushroom and onion toasties. 

Lots of grainy salads, this one was couscous, quinoa and green lentil with roast veg and some other bits and bobs

and big bowls of stirfried things

this is pepper and mushroom rice with scrambled tofu and additions

Now I just have to think of something that begins with S for this evening!

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

They'll Need A Crane

As part of the work to the house we're taking all our prints to be framed this weekend, they're currently laid out of the spare bed, seeing them again is very exciting. 

Ages ago I promised someone here I'd share some pictures of the Japanese print Dan chose for his birthday, so here it is, before we entrust it to the framer.

I wish I had beautiful handwriting like this!

Not our usual style but it's just so lovely we can't wait to see in up on the wall. 

Monday, 12 March 2018


We're spending a lot of time in Kendal at the moment, for no real reason, but this weekend we went looking for art, and pie. 

We visited a gallery we hadn't been to before, but as the bathroom cost quite a bit less than we thought, we were brave and went into a place that looked a bit more fancy. The place was teeny tiny, until we started chatting with the owner and he opened the door to the other three floors of the shop! The owner talked us through so many of his amazing pieces, and was really skilled at figuring out our budget and taste without actually having to ask us anything!

People talk about love at first sight and just knowing when the person is the one, we were like that with the print that came home with us. 

Basement Steps, Fulham by R.C Collins. There was just something about it that we both love. I can't wait to get it on the wall. 

We also had pie.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Bowl Food

With one thing and another, the house has been a little hectic recently, so I haven't been menu planning and haven't been keeping note of our meals either. I have snapped a couple of things we've eaten over the last few weeks. 

Loads of roast veg, some of which became soup, some went into the freezer and yet more became orzotto.

It looks very pale but hidden in there somewhere are mushrooms, onions, celeriac, chestnuts and squash, really delicious. 

We ate out a few times when we were off celebrating Dan's birthday, I forgot to take pictures of the curry at Wagamama in York, the pizza at Basement Browns in Coventry and the tofish and chips at Lolo's in Ramsbottom. I did remember to snap the soup we had at Little Barista before Burnley v Man City.

Last week, when the bathroom redo was going badly and we were at a low ebb, I headed for the convenience food aisle at the supermarket to pick up some veggie shawarma (spiced soy strips). 

I chucked it in with mushrooms, peppers and onions, then served it with wraps, chilli sauce, salad and houmous. 

The obligatory noodles.

Last night we kept it really simple and had a simple dhal with some brown rice and a leftover wrap from the freezer. 

I take my hat of to those people who stage their food photographs to look wonderful, I'm just too hungry!

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

The Good Things

Yesterday Jess wrote a wonderful post about the little luxuries in her life at the moment, and it really hit home that I have so much to be happy about, so I thank Jess for the inspiration and here are a few things that make my life as wonderful as it really is. 

First and foremost my amazing neighbour. Our houses are linked by the garage, so whenever we need to have work done to the exterior of the house it has an impact on the house next door. At the moment they don't have the use of their drive due to us having the house repointed. 

I didn't realise the guy would be grinding out all the old stuff, that didn't happen when we had the same job done at our old house, so yesterday their car was totally covered in dust, as was their drive. I managed to catch my neighbour on their way out to apologise and she was so gracious about everything. A genuinely lovely person. 

Secondly my nieces, they came to visit yesterday, bringing the rabbits a gift of broccoli as well as drawing pictures for me. They were also very happy to see the plumber which made him smile too. 

Speaking of which, the third thing is this 

Finally for today, are those signs of spring in the garden.

Life is happening all the time. 

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Domestic Something

Probably not bliss quite yet.

The plumbers left on Friday. They will be back tomorrow though as they managed to put a chip in the shower tray. Other than that everything looks beautiful, shame the shower doesn't work. All in all I've not been right happy. 

What is making me happy is getting back to normal elsewhere in the house. The living area is back to normal, we decided to not bring the tatty old green armchairs back from the garage so my armchairs from the dining area have be put in their place. 

It's been a very fresh, sunny day today so I am also happy to see lots of laundry flapping around in the breeze. Bit by bit the house is improving, I'll laugh about these setbacks at some point won't I?

Friday, 16 February 2018


When work started on the bathroom I was on my best behaviour, we are now a few days over and I'm pretty much slobbing around in my pyjamas, watching Dexter while eating bourbon creams for breakfast. It's taken a whole two weeks, but today I had bants with the plumber, I don't think either of us could believe it. Hilarious in only the way two people who are really thinking "thank goodness this is nearly over" can experience. 

Anyway, after a start to the day that involved an ill (now recovered) bunny and the dropping of a tin of paprika I decided I should do something to make me feel as though the house might one day be in some kind of order, so I sorted out some books. I've decided to part with a few, if anyone is interested in one of them then let me know, otherwise I'll drop them off at a charity shop.

The Gentle Art Of Domesticity - Jane Brocket

Dozens Of Ways To Repurpose A Tea Towel - Nathalie Mornu

Country Living, Love Stitching - Jan Constantine
Home - Anita Kaushal